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Average Sucks Book by Michael Bernoff

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DescriptionYou’ve tried everything they told you to do. You pushed, you hustled. Nothing is really wrong, and yet, you’re unsatisfied with where you are. You’re painfully aware that there’s another level you can reach, and think you know what you need to do to get there. The only problem is you’re not doing it―at least not consistently. It’s not your fault that you feel stuck. There’s an invisible force holding you back, and in Average Sucks, Michael Bernoff shows you what it is and what you can do about it. Michael is not teaching business strategy, and this is not a book designed to bury you in busywork. It’s an invitation to meet the real you. The one who lives life the way they want to live. Michael is going to show you how to easily change the way you think and how you do things, so you can enjoy more success and more fun while you’re at it. You deserve better than average, you’re capable of it, too―isn’t it time to go get it?